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Global CCI Systems

07/2007 -


CCI Law / BMO Management Consultant
SEQUA gGmbH, Missions to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Several short-term missions for the German Federal Foreign Affairs Department through GTZ. Provided consultancy on the "Law on Chambers of Commerce and Industry" to the Afghanistan Chamber Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Economics Committee of Parliament. Assisted in re-organization of existing chambers. Carried out workshops and seminars for chamber leaders and staff.


05/2007 -


BMO Management Expert
UNIDO, Missions to Vientiane, Laos.

Series of missions for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on improving organizational structure, management, and capabilities of Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) and selected regional chambers and business associations in Laos. Provided consultancy and training on internal work processes, quality management, development of a CCI service portfolio for enterprises. Developed a concept for support services to be offered by LNCCI for regional BMOs.


2005 -


BMO Development Expert
SEQUA gGmbH, Office: Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

Implemented the Sino-German SME Promotion Program's "BMO Development Component". Program was financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through GTZ. Developed and carried out a concept on institution building for BMOs. Planned, organized, implemented consulting and training activities for leaders and staff of BMOs, government, and enterprises.

[BMO | SME Projects Website] [SME Business Matching Online]



Information Services Team Leader
Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hessen, Germany.

United and lead a newly established team of eight members which combined the former IT Services, Library, Archives, and Membership Data Sections. Developed and implemented a concept to introduce a customer-friendly information and communication system. Coaching of chamber staff in internal user trainings.

Simultaneously: CCI Authorized Quality Management Representative and CCI Authorized China Representative.



Section Manager, Enterprise Promotion and Foreign Trade
Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hessen, Germany.

Provided enterprise consultancy on foreign economic relations and trade, drafted CCI position papers on immigration law procedures. Held presentations on China business for CCIs in the State of Hessen. Developed websites as international business matching tools, as marketing tools for special events, and as a membership information system.

Simultaneously: Continued leading the DIHK-ACFIC Partnership Project as intermittent long-term expert; short-term consultancy and training missions for IFC / World Bank (CPDF) and Leipzig University (SEPT).



China Project Leader, DIHK-ACFIC Partnership Project
Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), Office: Beijing, China.

National management of a partnership project between DIHK and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through SEQUA gGmbH. From the Beijing headquarter, cooperated regionally with partners in Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, and Yunnan provinces. Developed the project concept, selected, coordinated, and implemented all activities, administered China budget of 2.8 million €. Reported to DIHK, SEQUA, and Federal Government.

Provided chamber development advice to ACFIC and ten regional partner chambers. Planned, prepared, and implemented leadership seminars for Chinese private entrepreneurs and BMOs (total 2500 participants) as well as information and business delegations to Germany (total 100 participants). Advised and supported the partner chambers in establishing a national membership database and in setting up internet services. Designed and administered a trilingual project website with over 6800 single files.

Continued leading the project from Germany during a final consolidation phase until project conclusion in 2004 (part-time intermittent long-term expert).

[Project Website 2000] [Project Introduction by BMZ] [Project Introduction by DIHK]



Section Manager, Economics and Statistics
Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hessen, Germany.

Simultaneously: Deputy Department Manager, Information, Economics, and Foreign Trade.

  • Economics and Statistics: Managed all business and economic surveys, edited all publications and statements on the regional economic structure.
  • Information: Established and administered regional databases on enterprises, business matching, and foreign trade. LAN- and computer troubleshooting. Developed since 1993 a website of Darmstadt CCI, the first website of any business organization in German speaking Europe.
  • Foreign Trade: Edited and issued CCI position papers on foreign economic relations and trade to the state administration, certified foreign trade documents, answered members' inquiries, brokered international business contacts. Chief editor of the "Darmstadt CCI Foreign Trade News". Initiated and coordinated the CCI Working Group on China.
  • Public Relations: Member of editorial board for monthly CCI magazine. Wrote press releases, organized press conferences.

Side activities: Publisher and co-editor of "China Business Facts on Fax" (ISSN 0947-8248)

Honorary: Administrative Board Member of "Friends of Tongji University", Wiesbaden.

[Historical: Darmstadt CCI website 1996 in the Wayback Machine]
[Historical: China Business Facts on Fax 1996 in the Wayback Machine]



Data Preparation Coordinator
Commerce Clearing House, Inc., San Rafael, California.

Coordinated data acquisition on tax and securities law for "CCH ACCESS" online database. Managed keyboarding projects by external subcontractors in Korea and India, worth over $ 1 million. Developed quality evaluation software and wrote program specifications to port the data to mainframe servers in SGML format and to implement retrieval functions.

[Letter of Recommendation 1992]

- 1989 -


Information Systems Consultant
German American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Coast, Inc. (AHK), San Francisco, California.

Four-months project to analyze and improve internal information system. Developed and programmed membership database and German-American Business Information System. Introduced external database retrieval (DIALOG) and international data communication via GEONET.



Section Manager, Research and Development
Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hessen, Germany.

Collected and disseminated to CCI members relevant information on science and technology developments. Initiated and coordinated joint working groups of enterprises and universities. Promoted and advocated technology transfer.

Planned and organized all activities of the Darmstadt Junior Chamber (Jaycees) with 100 members. Managed annual budget of $ 200,000. Replaced membership file cards with computer database. Achieved 25% membership growth and 64% budget growth.

[Evaluation 1989 in German]



Post-graduate Student in China
Scholarship by DAAD.

One-year intensive language course in Modern Chinese at Beijing Languages Institute. Research on decision-making and economic reforms in the shipbuilding industry of China, China Renmin University, Beijing. Participated in regular classes on Modern Economic History.

[Language Diploma, 1985] [The Shipbuilding Industry of China (Excerpt)]



Official, Economic Policy Administration
City and State of Hamburg, Germany.

14-months temporary position as a member of the Senator's economic policy advisory team. Focussed on sectoral policy and shipbuilding, improved contacts with business associations. Drafted speeches and papers for the Senate (government at state level), the City Parliament, and the Federal Lower House. As a member of the organization team, took charge of protocol at the "Shipbuilding Conference" of the chiefs of government of northern German states with the Federal Minister of Economics.

[Evaluation 1983 in German]



Student of Economics
Free University of Berlin, Germany.

Graduated with Master's Degree after required minimum number of semesters, thesis about Lucas supply function. Simultaneously: Participated in Chinese language classes and APL programming classes.

[Certificate 1982 in German]



Primary and Middle School
Gymnasium Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany.

[Certificate 1976 in German]

Followed by community service until 10/1977.

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