Modules of Dual Vocational Education

It is quite a challenge to successfully introduce the German dual vocational education model in a country lacking a history of master – apprentice relationships. But even in countries like China, where ancient master Confucius nurtured a whole flock of apprentices, traditions need to be revived, adapted to modern business needs, and re-applied in a large scale.

Governments, schools, and educators who would like to grasp the German vocational education system and apply its advantages in their own country or classroom, need to analyze their differences in framework conditions, and apply learning modules to tackle these differences. The key modules are listed below.

Key Modules

School Management and Leadership

Involvement of the Business Community

Training and Coaching of Vocational Teachers

Apprenticeship System in Enterprises

Training and Coaching of Masters in Enterprises

Training and Coaching of Assessors

Examination Management

Recognition and Management of Certificates

Development or Localization of Curricula

Development or Localization of Learning Material


Learning Management Systems